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This is a closed request. A Area 51 Uncovered has already been made for this wiki. Do not make changes to this article unless you want to ask again.

Looking for a logo for a wiki site that I'm starting up about Area 51. The URL is...

Area 51 Uncovered The web site is a collaboration of public info about the base, not just the crazy ramblings of UFO believers. Everything on the site will be based on facts so I'd like to avoid including anything related to UFO's on the logo. Site will include info on black aircraft projects, its location, and history. It would be cool to have a rendering of the SR-71 or F-117 on the logo or maybe an outline of the base from a Google map.


How's this? I can rearrange the images and event the text if you wish. -User:ShadowTale

Pretty cool! The image has to be 135x135 to fit perfectly w/o distortion for a MediaWiki page. Can you rearrange so it fits that? Do you have a link or something I can post on the site to give credit for your awesome work?


my userpage is at

Thank you so much! Logo was added to the site and credit was given to you on the about page

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