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Abandoned car Abandoned Request

This is an abandoned request. This wiki does not currently have a Favicon. Or it has been inactive for a while.

Please replace the {{Abandoned request}} tag with the {{Open request}} tag, if you wish to re-open this request. If you no longer wish to pursue this request, change the tag to {{Closed request}}.

I need a favicon for an eragon role playing wiki (w:c:eragonroleplay). Ideally, if you could just convert this image to a favicon, that'd be great.  Kingbirdy  Talk  Contribs  01:31 7/17/11 

This can do it.... Do you like it?
ICO: File:Eragon Roleplay-favicon.ico
Crashdancecr2 Inuyasha-titan Chat 08:58, July 16, 2011 (UTC)
um, what is it?
 Kingbirdy  Talk  Contribs  01:31 7/17/11 
Here is the PNG version: Eragon Roleplay-favicon
-- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 17 Jul 2011 12:30 PM Pacific
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