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Abandoned car Abandoned Request

This is an abandoned request. This wiki does not currently have a Theme update. Or it has been inactive for a while.

Please replace the {{Abandoned request}} tag with the {{Open request}} tag, if you wish to re-open this request. If you no longer wish to pursue this request, change the tag to {{Closed request}}.

Our wikia is at: Eversor Guild Please assist us in changing our header buttons to a graduated theme using a color = #F3D16E graduating to #6A4225 (if possible) and if not possible just using the #F3D16E color for headings. We also need assistance changing the background color of the edit box from black to white or cream as somehow our background was changed to black and now it's almost impossible to see the template icons or text. If the background color is changed, to white or cream, then we need to make sure the text is black.

Also, for some reason the Logo image (shown below) isn't saving to the site, so any help with it as well would be appreciated.

We've resolved the issues regarding creating a fixed background image. Thanks in advance for any assistance with our theme / saving issues.
 Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Eversor Guild website  22:27,5/22/2011 
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1st Choice Logo/Watermark


2nd Choice Logo/Watermark

 Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Eversor Guild website  20:52,5/21/2011 

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