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Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

The look for the bros. on this boxart is similar to the look I want

I recently started a Mario and Luigi series wiki, about the popular RPG series. And, since I'm

here on this wikia, I need a logo. Below are the things I would like to have on the logo. I'd like them to look like how I've described, and they should look similar to how they look on the boxart pic.

  1. 1 A pic of Mario, and one of Luigi, both standing side by side.
  1. 2 Mario should be on the left, and Luigi on the right.
  1. 3 Both bros should be turned slightly toward the center of the logo, with crossed arms, but an inviting feel to the bros.
  1. 4 Dimensions: 135 pixels wide and 155 pixels tall.
  1. 5 Background: Cut in half. Left side red, right side green.

Thanks a lot!--Shadow34 00:34, 11 July 2009 (UTC)User: Shadow34

Mario and Luigi Logo

How's that? I would of put red on Mario's side and green on Luigi's but you couldn't see them due to little contrast.

I can change it, if you need me to just ask. 2+2talk

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