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This is an open request. This wiki does not currently have a Logo.

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Requesting a logo!

Hi everyone!

I started to make my own wiki today, and I would like to getting started right away! Making logos is something I really can't. So that's why i'd like to ask any help from professional logo-artist or just someone who knows a lot of it. Would someone please make a logo for me?

I'll problably need more than just a logo, so maybe when he/she would like to help me for my wiki, any help would be appreciated!

My wikia: click here or here!

What my Logo needs
  • This picture should be worked in my logo, with the correct resolution for the wiki logo.
  • the letters NL should be in the logo (below?) it reffers the dutch initials (.nl)
Or you write below the MechScape letters voor nederlandtaligen which means for dutch-speaking people
  • It has to look Science-Fiction and professional

More information about the game: MechScapeWorld

Thanks! Cheers! <3 Rosemary

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