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Sample logo 250 pixels wide by 65 pixels tall


Sample monobook logo
Sample logo 135 pixels wide by 155 pixels tall.

Please make a separate forum page for each request.

Be sure to SIGN (~~~~) after each post!

Other helpful info for your logo request...
  • Link to your wiki (so artists can see what kind of wiki it is).
  • General light/dark and color suggestions.
  • General spatial ideas: busy, center-focused, corner-focused, fills up all logo space, minimalist, etc.
  • Any other stylistic preferences: abstract, line art, uses photos, etc.
  • Be sure to remember the size of your logo, an example is to the right of this article.
  • If you would like a Monobook logo along with your Wikia/Oasis logo, please specify so.
  • If you would like a particular user to work on your logo, it is best to also leave a message on the talk page of that user. You still need to make a regular request.
  • Please check back on your request a few days after you make it and add a note that you checked it to the request.
    • Requests that have more activity from the requester are more likely to get noticed and responded to.

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Active Request Last Edit Last Author

Logo Request Last Edit Last Author
Pink Corruption Fanon/Logo15:55, December 20, 2019BubbyAuroratheCambion
Aikatsu Pretty Cure Series/Logo04:32, October 19, 2019AmitieChanFever
Dead or Alive Fanon Wiki/Logo02:08, July 29, 2019Cdswalkthrough
Code Geass Fanon Wiki/Logo (2)02:04, July 29, 2019Cdswalkthrough
Lil Pump Wiki/Logo16:03, June 2, 2019AwesomeTut
Trippie Redd Wiki/Logo17:24, May 17, 2019PawPatrolZuma
Alec Thaggard Wiki/Logo19:05, May 5, 2019Athaggard157
Alec Thaggard Wiki18:55, May 5, 2019Athaggard157
Tasokare Hotel Wiki/Logo02:46, March 20, 2019Hori253
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Wiki/Logo23:42, February 27, 2019Nick Branson
Free V-Buck Wiki/Logo19:43, February 26, 2019ExcessiveDisappointment
Http:// Wiki13:30, November 26, 2018AlyIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12019
Cory in the house wiki logo12:06, November 8, 2018Shawnhawkins
The Old Ones09:05, October 15, 2018Nycgiantsboy93
Gormiti/Logo15:48, October 12, 2018Vincy25
MK Comics Wiki14:12, August 27, 2018LastSonOfGorea
Frosgore/Logo11:00, August 2, 2018Kieran.fischer
Try To Fall Asleep Wiki/Logo15:54, June 17, 2018Undead Jastus
The Nut Job Wiki23:37, August 29, 2017John19042
My Charts Hot 100 Wiki/Logo12:36, July 3, 2017Fer4vargas
Outertale Wiki/Logo13:58, April 23, 2017Alficiro
The Game Theorists/Logo21:56, March 29, 2017SorcererSupreme21
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!/Logo14:32, March 24, 2017Fireminer
Lowes/Logo21:55, February 26, 2017DavidRecChar212
Weezer/Logo16:02, February 15, 2017AetherParadise
Kathy Rain/Logo03:50, January 27, 2017Grace Cardinal
SlenderGenerations/Logo20:59, January 2, 2017SlenderDev
Borutopédia/Logo02:46, December 21, 2016MrGabbo
Doctors/Logo04:23, August 24, 2016Nemui-hime
Inhumans/Logo20:12, August 5, 2016Artricity
Exchange Student Zero/Logo15:41, August 4, 2016RGL Victor The Great
The Kardashians Spoof/Logo02:12, July 27, 2016Fer4vargas
Animal Jam Packs10:32, July 12, 2016PoisonedBlood
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san11:38, July 3, 2016Catw0rks
Wizard101Hungary/Logo13:07, June 30, 2016Lalau667
Riseofthesupernatural/Logo17:04, June 28, 2016Jackcameronx
WikiaDinosaurs/Logo13:28, June 18, 2016DragonPedia
Injustice Fanon Wiki (2) /Logo03:39, June 17, 2016Cartoon44, June 12, 2016Raymond Trevor
Gravity Falls Oldies/Logo21:57, April 28, 2016Iynque
Mikey & Joey wiki/Logo19:24, April 3, 2016JCama 2
Secret Team Undercover Wiki19:13, March 20, 2016Mysterymenace
Berserk/Logo02:26, March 6, 2016Miyanlove
Gate-jsdf/Logo02:17, March 6, 2016Miyanlove
Hunter x Hunter Coupes/Logo23:27, February 3, 2016MiraZoldyck568
Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!/Logo00:22, February 3, 2016Vickytoriac01
Snakra Wikia17:51, January 11, 2016Rexxaa Eclipseaa Korula
Badger Rulers of Salamandastron Wiki/Logo15:38, November 30, 2015Snowstripe the Fierce
All4One Wikia05:24, November 30, 2015A4OWikia Bot
Gormiti Italia Wikia15:02, October 30, 2015Vincy25
FNaFTheoryCenter07:34, September 16, 2015ADTMP
FNaF World World Wikia07:33, September 16, 2015ADTMP
Sasuke Uchiha Sharingan Legends/Logo07:11, August 26, 20154th Six Paths
Area Cronica Wikia/Logo12:23, August 25, 2015Morandre
Yanor/Logo03:43, August 21, 2015Metacalcum
Gangsta Wiki/Logo21:50, August 11, 2015EmperorLeon
Gameknight999/Logo12:48, August 6, 2015TheFallenNinja
Nightwing Wiki/Logo00:22, July 27, 2015JayAaerow
Ao no Exorcist Fanon Wiki/Logo03:22, July 18, 2015Inuyasha-titan
Gate/Logo00:35, July 15, 2015DinoTaur
ID Kuroko no Basuke/Logo06:31, July 4, 2015Ivan the Brony Kaiju
Wikia Telenovelas/Logo12:48, July 2, 2015Lord Solitário
Disney Fanon/Logo15:22, June 24, 2015Nemolee.exe
The Haves and the Have Nots/Logo22:06, June 22, 2015Itsme226
Moist meme wikia/, June 11, 2015Kai-FNAf-Gamer
Gemstona Fan Wiki06:49, June 9, 2015HGartist
Sacconejolly wiki21:07, June 7, 2015Lesyeuxdelia
Wikia InuYasha Vietnamese/Logo10:01, June 3, 2015Hachi ft Somo
VG Facts/Logo11:48, May 23, 2015Iram7
Pretty Little Devils:Nancy Holder Wikia/Logo12:55, May 17, 2015J2yfeather
Perman/Logo13:14, May 10, 2015Hiroppi
Mlp Fan Character/Logo01:09, May 7, 2015Sam Wang
Wiki Poké Inventados/Logo22:21, May 5, 2015Sam Wang
Wake Up, Girls!/Logo22:06, May 5, 2015Sam Wang
CreativeFiction/Logo20:25, May 5, 2015Sam Wang
Gakkyu Hotei/Logo11:32, April 12, 2015Nemui-hime
Marvel Heroes 2015 En Español/Logo20:56, April 5, 2015Degel01
Medaka Box Fanon/Logo12:51, April 4, 2015RinkakuKagune
Valkyrie Drive/Logo01:27, April 2, 2015Vina T
Yakushoku Distpiari/Logo08:04, April 1, 2015Inuyasha-titan
Real ghost stories wiki04:03, March 25,
Gunslinger Stratos/Logo12:15, February 27, 2015Inuyasha-titan
Log Horizon Fanon/Logo12:27, February 26, 2015Inuyasha-titan
Thorns of Moonlight/Logo12:18, February 26, 2015Inuyasha-titan
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V/Logo23:59, February 3, 2015Ars Oboro
Paradox Blue/Logo06:43, February 3, 2015Ars Oboro
Mandalorian Warriors Wiki/Logo21:05, January 18, 2015Рanamaniac
Disney Channel Fanons Wiki/Logo01:57, December 8, 2014JohnRooney889
Call of Robloxia 5 : Roblox at War/Logo07:03, November 23, 2014Derdoge14
Violetta FanPop Wiki/Violetta FanPop15:29, November 22, 2014COOLOMAR4U
Assassin's Creed Last Stand/Logo03:23, November 21, 2014Techno Bacon
Creation Kit forRussia вики/Logo21:11, October 28, 2014Creation Kit
Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan Legend Temporarily Wiki/Logo04:29, October 19, 2014Fandyllic
Undateable Wiki/Logo19:15, October 18, 2014Conradho
Max Steel Wiki14:30, October 7, 2014Kelvinarg8
Superheroes Fan Base Wiki/Logo02:12, September 20, 2014UltiVerse
GoAnimate V2/Logo16:44, June 21, 2014Miyanlove
Robot Wiki/Logo14:33, June 10, 2014Nxtstep101
Wiki Pichin la serie/Logo06:39, June 10, 2014Queennicolee
The Messengers Wiki/Logo16:08, June 9, 2014M.J. Daniels
Eighth Doctor Adventures/Logo20:45, June 3, 2014MattyMG13
The pokemon club06:53, June 2, 2014Miyanlove
Hamtocppswikia/Logo17:32, May 30, 2014Hamto
Hamtocpps.wikia.com05:24, May 30, 2014MattyMG13
Alien Dawn/Logo14:08, May 29, 2014MattyMG13
Wiki Celousco/Logo21:38, May 27, 2014StrixMidnight
Les contes de Grimm Wiki/Logo21:13, May 13, 2014DustCendre9544
Amir Network/Logo21:20, May 12, 2014Techno Bacon
Pupa Wiki/Logo18:34, May 11, 2014MattyMG13
New Power Rangers Wiki/Logo19:11, April 20, 2014Durabeat
MadMarek's Think Tank Wiki/Logo12:01, April 4, 2014MadMarek
Twitch Plays Wiki/Logo02:00, March 16, 2014Yoponot
Hikuushi/Logo06:28, February 1, 2014Queennicolee
Xtra Gamers/Logo03:33, October 1, 2013XtraSnipey
KOF MOBA / LOGO07:07, September 30, 2013Tarulamok
Bad Seeds/Logo19:07, September 28, 2013Itsme226
Fanon Fairies Wiki/Logo13:09, September 27, 2013EternalBeast
Mega Shark/Logo13:06, September 27, 2013EternalBeast
Sift Heads Wiki/Logo21:52, September 19, 2013Sift Heads Wiki
Encyclopedia of Myth/Logo16:41, September 13, 2013Blaziken8520
InFamous Wiki/Logo05:36, September 5, 2013Blueexx
Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki/Logo19:23, August 24, 2013Colin687
Technologigamia/Logo14:14, August 18, 2013TheFallenOneGOTH
Raura And Auslly Wiki/Logo01:05, August 12, 2013Adorkabler5er
Wiki Gin No SajiLogo17:11, August 10, 2013Conradho
Absoulte Duo/Logo13:06, August 9, 2013XGlass Reflection
Kamen Rider Fan Fiction/Logo14:28, August 7, 2013Durabeat
MetalHeroesFanFiction/Logo14:28, August 7, 2013Durabeat
Dragon Ball Z Fan Club/Logo19:15, July 26, 2013Ultimate Dark Carnage
Troll Buster Wiki/Logo19:13, July 26, 2013Ultimate Dark Carnage
The MovieStarPlanet Wiki/Logo16:39, July 23, 2013Foodgaming
Sanjay and Craig/Logo08:01, July 18, 2013TEACUP54
Little Fuzzy/Logo13:21, July 16, 2013Ralok
Paranormal Roommates/Logo21:38, July 6, 2013Question12
Vampire Diaries & The Originals/Logo14:33, July 2, 2013Original Authority
Trinity Blood Wiki/Logo06:31, July 1, 2013Sango 珊瑚
Disney Parks/Logo16:17, June 26, 2013Valyrian Wildfire
Project Spark/Logo18:40, June 25, 2013QuestionRules
2 broke girls france14:12, June 23, 2013Vincent11114
Marvel/Logo01:15, June 22, 2013Jamie
Danceroid Wiki/Logo17:22, June 20, 2013Jmuniz1501
Oversoul/Logo17:11, June 20, 2013Jmuniz1501
Farworld Wiki04:42, June 4, 2013ParabletheDragonpus
Plants vs. Zombies Fan Fiction Wiki/Logo02:23, May 31, 2013BananaGummyBear64
Girl Glog/Logo17:15, May 11, 2013Regular World Girl
Kix/Logo09:39, May 4, 2013Super Sayian 4567
Hetalia RPG Wiki/Logo20:20, April 25, 2013MoonlitCastle
Assassination Classroom Wiki/Logo03:22, April 20, 2013Judal
MMC Wiki/Logo23:19, April 19, 2013QuestionRules
ScaryStories23:18, April 19, 2013TheCreep1
Shovel Knight Wiki/Logo04:40, April 15, 2013HazeShot
Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots/Logo22:21, April 10, 2013Itsme226
Ni No Kuni Wiki/Logo15:33, March 9, 2013QuestionRules
Anathdia Wiki/Logo12:31, January 24, 2013RealCS2000
Fallout Series Wiki/Logo07:13, November 4, 2012Retro Radiation King
The Sims Challenges Wiki/Logo17:47, October 24, 2012Sundogs
Happy Wars Wiki/Logo09:53, October 20, 2012Twisted64d
Project Exonaut Wiki/ Logo05:32, October 14, 2012Lenopow
Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki/Logo05:58, September 30, 2012Ultra Kuzon
Delpedia/Logo23:59, September 20, 2012Steam-man
AMC Wiki/Logo22:34, August 27, 2012Joletole
Inazuma Eleven-French/Logo13:49, August 27, 2012SnowyBoy
Emulator Encyclopedia Wiki Emulator Logo06:46, August 22, 2012Jorman.alvarez
Gamble Fish Wiki/Logo20:00, August 21, 2012Bereisgreat
Noblesse Wiki Logo23:09, June 6, 2011Fandyllic
InuYasha Wiki/Logo03:52, June 5, 2011Rin & Sesshomaru
Zoey 101 Wiki/Logo12:32, May 28, 2011TenCents
Vortex Security Wiki/Logo09:30, February 23, 2011Rswfan
Debt Wiki/Logo00:29, February 15, 2011Head.Boy.Hog
Funtime Candy/Logo/Candidate for Deletion00:26, February 15, 2011Head.Boy.Hog
Kick-Ass Wiki/Logo22:53, February 13, 2011Head.Boy.Hog
Naruto VS Dragon Ball05:42, November 21, 2010Airhogs777
Chicken nougat pie/Logo08:25, November 20, 2010Airhogs777
DiabloJas Wiki/Diablojas wiki copy.png08:53, September 28, 2010Peter Sundler
Atomipedia (Wiki)/Logo17:09, August 24, 2010Wackyy
Penguin Logo13:49, August 9, 2010Happy65
Boondockstv/Logo21:08, August 4, 2010Sondow209
Tremors/Logo21:03, July 28, 2010Lady Blue
Kumashii Wiki18:22, April 8, 2010LKGMedia
XF 10-13/Logo16:39, October 21, 2009First&Last
Request Information20:08, July 23, 2009Momergil
Mastadon Wiki/Logo08:00, July 22, 2009Ashah peters
The Stephen Peterson Wiki/Logo23:34, July 17, 2009Imperal starship
Video Game Wiki/Logo17:46, June 3, 2009Sockify
Conker/Logo help19:34, May 27, 2009JoePlay
Bleach Wiki/Logo15:38, February 8, 2009Aspias
Lex Mechanicus/Logo16:07, January 29, 2009Commissar Yarrick
Wiki Murciana/Logo12:53, October 4, 2008SaitamCDM
Everything Asian/Logo21:49, August 4, 2008Swannie
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