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This is a closed request. A Theme has already been made for this wiki. Do not make changes to this article unless you want to ask again. That link is to a logo request where I gave some info, is there any chance I could get a theme to go with that? Preferably something blackish, kinda space-themed with some insignias from SW factions thrown in, but again, it's up to you guys. I really hate to be a burden.

EDIT: Just asking if this was still being looked at? I noticed that this feature wasn't complete or something, so I was just wondering if any progress was being made. EDIT2: Erm... —Preceding unsigned comment added by Acheron Black (talkcontribs)

Hi, there is a backlog of requests at the moment, we are working our way through them. We'll get to this at some point... Its only fair to do the oldest ones first. --Lcawte 15:08, October 28, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, alright! Thanks!--Signed by His Lordship, Benndak 20:42, October 28, 2009 (UTC)
I'm not very good with skins, but this one looks easy enough, I have a background image, hows this for the background, just have it repeat in a few directions. I'll see what I can do Faction wise after I get your approval for this... --Lcawte 18:55, October 29, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, that'll work perfectly!--Signed by His Lordship, Benndak 20:47, October 29, 2009 (UTC)
Heres my attempt, I need Swannie or one of the better Skin makers to check it over and fix a few things... Like the widget boxes, the content area is completly transparent.. I couldnt sneak in any faction images... sorry! --Lcawte 13:13, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

Alrighty, I used Firebug and fixed all the problems I could see... You want this code... If you still see any problems after that, just contact me. Sorry I couldn't add in those faction logos anywhere.. --Lcawte-Sigimage1 (Talk) 20:23, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

Edit: Right, so I found a problem, fixed it. Also, the Wikia text and stuff, let me know what colour you want them in, if not they will stay read. Lcawte-Sigimage1 (Talk) 20:29, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

Alright, cool. Incidentally, I have no idea how to install that (I did try editing monaco.css), heh, so help would be appreciated. --Signed by His Lordship, Benndak 21:49, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

Right, now that I've updated it and finished it, wipe MediaWiki:monaco.css over there and add {{subst:User:Lcawte/monaco.css}} and give it a good hard refresh. P.S How are the colours for the wikia logo. --Lcawte-Sigimage1 (Talk) 18:00, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

If your currently seeing the gaming skin, you want to set the wiki default to Custom, then make sure your letting admins over ride your skin pref's if you want to see it. --Lcawte-Sigimage1 (Talk) 20:47, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

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