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This is a closed request. A Logo has already been made for this wiki. Do not make changes to this article unless you want to ask again.


I would really like the help of seomeone to create a icon for my wiki, the [ Teonis Wiki]. What you should know:

  • It's a wiki about creationism/evolution (so, science, philosophy...). It has the primary view of using the mind to try to find what is truth in Creationism and Evolution.
  • About the size of the image: the bigger, the better, but what is most important is to try to keep the original image as much as possible.


About the image, I have two main ideas:

  1. It could be a sieve on its side view (like on this image) and the words "Criacionismo" (Creationism) and "Evolucionismo" (Evolutionism) (or "Evolução" (Evolution)) beeing sieved trought the sieve with the words: "Teonis Wiki - Procurando a Verdade" (Teonis Wiki: finding the truth), or "Teonis Wiki - Selecionando a Verdade" (Teonis Wiki - selecting the truth).
  2. The Thinker statue with the words: "Teonis Wiki - pensando para encontrar a verdade" (teonis Wiki: thinking to find the truth), or simple "Teonis Wiki" (better, if the image is small). This is the better photo I found: [1].
  • About the word type, choose some that will not be ridiculous (so pink, or bright), but also not too much symple. I think the "metal" type word woul be fine. Some "polide" founts are good, like Edwardian Script ITC, Matura MT Script Capitals, Viner Hand ITC. Keep altime in focus that this is a wiki about philosophy and science. =)

Thank you!

I would be very happy if the person who will help me on this make more than one option. =]

Thanks! Momergil 02:09, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

Closed request

Not more necessary...

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