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Abandoned car Abandoned Request

This is an abandoned request. This wiki does not currently have a Wordmark. Or it has been inactive for a while.

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Well hello everyone here at the Logo Creation Wiki, I would be interested in knowing if someone could make a Logo for our recently created wiki, the total hackerz' wiki. The wiki is obviously about computer science and computer security in general, so any logo is welcome, although one which is more computer - like (bits and bytes, e.g 0 instead of o and 1 instead of l , or anything else computer wise, is preferable).


Wiki location:

Colours: anything, though cyan, blue or white could do the job for us.

Thanks in advance,


Some more info about what you would like your logo to look like would be helpful. Your current request is a bit vague. -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 2 Jun 2011 12:19 AM Pacific
Just about anything can serve. I do not have any serious preferences, other than it should not be dark, for we do not wanna show people that hacking is a dark and mysterious activity. A light blue wordmark could be good i guess.
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