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Hello there. I'd like to request a Logo for my projects, Kompendium UWT and Totalpedia. They are both about the same subject, namely my fictional Total War Universe, however one is in English, while the other is in my native Polish.

  1. Both images are to be 250 pixels wide and around 100-150 pixels tall.
  2. Colour suggestions:
  • I'd like them both to have the titles written in golden letters (actually, the current version in Orbitron font can be used). The titles would be the only differences between the 2 logos; make one with "Kompendium UWT", the other with "Totalpedia". All other details may be exactly the same.
  • Background: I think it should be dark to contrast with the title.
  1. Spatial: the titles should be placed in the centre of the Logo. Because my spatial imagination is nigh non-existent, the potential author may use his own one regarding the other details, though I suggest somewhat minimalist approach.
  2. Other stylistic preferences: my wikis are about a fictional universe of military science-fiction genre. I believe that it is enough of a suggestion to people as creative as you ;). If not, feel free to contact me about the matter.

Thank you in advance.

Lord Galvatron 10:15, April 16, 2011 (UTC)

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