Making a request for a new theme (mostly just the background image) or make a request to change a theme is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to Forum:Requested Themes.
  2. Look for the box on the right side that says Wikiname/Theme      .
  3. Replace "Wikiname/Theme" with "Name of your wiki/Theme" and click Request Theme.
  4. You will go to an editor with some stuff pre-filled-in, make sure you're in "Source" mode.
  5. Below the pre-filled-in stuff, type any details about how you want your theme background image to look.
    • If you want an existing theme background changed, put details on how you want it changed.
    • Make sure to put a link to your wiki!
  6. Put your signature (~~~~) after your details and click Publish.
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