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If you are immediately reporting vandalism in progress, click this link.

Welcome to the Logo Creation Wiki Counter Vandalism Unit. This page is here to help combat vandalism on articles.

This page is monitored by administrators who have the ability to deal with vandals and stop them from causing further damage to the wiki. Vandalism is an offence that a user may be blocked for. If you have noticed vandalism on an article, please post the article and name of the offending user or IP address under the Current vandalism section, and it will be dealt with.


Here is a list of administrators who can be contacted. A (I) next to a name means they are inactive.

What should be reported

  • Blanking pages.
  • Posting offensive material, whether it be images or words.
  • Contributing nonsense.
  • False or deceptive information is being added to an article when the contributor knows that it is false.
  • Blatant personal attacks on a user.
  • Impersonating another user.
  • Advertising

What should not be reported

  • A discussion where differing opinions are being debated or discussed.
  • Common mistakes, such as incorrect categorisation or misspelled words.
  • Contributing in languages other than English. Should instead be directed toward a non-English LCW.
  • Articles about other stuff that is about logo creation or stuff to do with it.
  • Incorrect information is being added to an article when the contributor is not aware of them being incorrect.

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If you feel you have been wrongly accused of vandalism you will have to leave a comment on your talk page. Comments left will be read by an administrator.

Current vandalism

Administrators: Please review the block list when making a decision. When a vandal has been dealt with, please replace name/I.P. with "insert vandal".
Reporters: When referencing a vandal account, please insert the suspected vandals name/I.P. into the "insert vandal" in the cvuid template: {{cvuid|username}} or for anonymous users, {{cvuid|IPaddress}}. You may also report the page vandalised by doing typing {{cvuid|IP|Page Vandalised}}.

Pending Reports