Logo Creation Wiki

Unfortunately, not every request made will get attention. The number of requests usually far outnumbers the number of creators and their ability to fulfill every request.

So, how do make sure you request gets noticed? How do you increase the chance someone will work on your request?

Here's some basic tips to give your request its best chance:

  • Give as much detail as possible about your request.
    • A specific image you want to use.
    • Specific placement of elements (words stack, logo tilted, some part here or there, etc.)
  • Keep leaving notes on your request if no one responded after a few days. This pushes the request to the top of the list and remind creators that you still want it.
    • The farther down the list the request falls, the less likely it will ever get done.
  • Leave a message on the talk page of a specific creator, if you want them to work on it specifically.
    • This doesn't always work, but it makes sure a specific creator knows about your request.

NOTE: If you are not an admin on the wiki you are requesting content for, you will not be able to install it (new wordmark, theme, or favicon) on the wiki.