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Hey Wikians. My username is FanOfAniManga, or FOAM for short. As you can tell by my username, I'm a fan of anime and manga series.

I mainly like to work on anime and manga-related Wikis on smaller series that I personally like and think have the potential to become extremely popular. However, once in a while, I like to take a break and focus on one of my most favourite aspects of Wiki editing: Creating logos. You'll find me around the Logo Creation Wiki a lot, helping to make logos for other Wikis, but mainly focusing on anime and manga-related Wikis.

Feel free to ask if you'd like me to make a new logo for your Wiki! Also, remember to request for a Monobook version of your new logo!

You can also help contribute!

My Guidelines for Creating Logos

As I've mentioned above, I mainly focus on creating logos for anime and manga-related Wikis, though I can diverge at any time to create logos for other kinds of Wikis too. These guidelines are meant to give you an idea on how I make my logos. For now, I only have a more specific set of guidelines for the anime and manga-related Wikis, as listed below. Unless requested otherwise, I'll be following these guidelines automatically each time I make a Wiki logo.

In General

  • I always use the main series logo to create the Wiki logo in its original format: I'll need to be able to obtain a clean copy of the logo. If I can't find one, I won't be able to make an adequate Wiki logo at all.
    • I try to look for the series logo in its original colour scheme: Even if I can only find a clean copy of the logo in a modified colour scheme, I can still try to change it back.

  • All the logos I make will have transparent backgrounds: If, with my best effort, I'm unable to make a Wiki logo with a transparent background, I generally won't be able to finish the logo at all.

  • Most of the time, I'll be centering my logos to the very middle: Depending on the nature of the logo, I may try shifting some or all portions of the Wiki logo around on occasion.

  • Any Wiki logo I make will have the original series logo followed by the word "Wiki", stylized as much as I can make it to the original logo, if I'm unable to find an identical font.

  • Automatically, I offer logos for use in both the Oasis (New Wikia Look) and Monobook skins: My Oasis logos are always sized 250px by 65px, the standard size for all Wiki logos. My Monobook logos are always sized 151px by 151px to fit the allocated space on the screen.

  • I'm available to make Wiki logos outside the Wikia network: However, you may not make a request on this Wiki as with normal procedure. Instead, I recommend you contact me directly by e-mail at

  • For the most part, I don't refuse requests to make logos: If I don't finish a logo, it'll either be because I'm unable to finish one, as outlined in some of my guidelines, or I'm too busy at the moment to start and/or forget about your request. Please do not hesitate to remind me again to make your logo if I don't get back to you in a few days.

Anime and Manga

  • I generally avoid using English-translated versions of the series logo: The reason for this is because I may feel the logo isn't true enough to the raw series logo, whether translated by a fansub group or a company. I especially have personal bias against fansub groups in particular because any translated logo any one may make is technically never an official logo in any manner, not to say they're necessarily poorly done.

  • If the series logo is entirely in Japanese, I will try to find an appropriate English font for "Wiki" to simulate the Japanese font: I may resort to making the "Wiki" font from scratch, or even try to copy the font from any pre-existing translated logo.

  • If the series logo includes English, I may or may not copy the English font for "Wiki", depending on the relevance of the English portion of the series logo.

Logos Created


The FOAM Network is a collection of anime/manga-related Wikis in which I'll be contributing.

You may contact me regarding any of these series on my corresponding talk pages. You may also e-mail or Skype me at, or find me on LiveJournal here.

Wikis of Ongoing SeriesEdit

These Wikis are of major, ongoing series that I spend most of my time on.

Wikis of Finished SeriesEdit

These Wikis are of finished series that I only tend to visit for updates and maintenance.

Other WikisEdit

You can also find me doing a mix of other works on these Wikis.

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