Nobody Cares

aka Mark

  • I live in THE MOON
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Musician, Student, Composer, Student, Artist, Actor, and Historian
  • I am a Kink, a Beatle, a Hermit, and a Rolling Stone

Hi! I'm a person. I make good logos and themes. You can request a theme from me if you want. Requesting a logo? Request from me cause I'm good at them!&nbsp

Photoshop This user uses Photoshop to create their logos.

Logos I Made

Some Of My Best Wordmarks

Here is a slideshow of the wordmarks that I made that I'm most proud of.
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  • Go to Reptiles Wiki
  • Go to Call of Duty Multiplayer Wiki

All Wordmarks I Made

Here are all the wordmarks I made.

Themes I Made

Here Are Themes I Made That I'm Most Proud Of!
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